Purple and Mattress Firm released a new hybrid cooling mattress, and we tried it

If youre unfamiliar with the Purple brand of mattresses, its known for its unique mattress technology that offers adaptive, all-over pressure relief. In other words, you get full-body comfort without sacrificing support. Purple mattresses are different from plain memory foam mattresses, too. Its surface grid distributes pressure and doesnt trap heat, so you get a cooler, more even nights sleep.

Now, Purple has launched an exclusive line of hybrid cooling mattresses with Mattress Firm, one of the biggest mattress retailers in the US. Having previously tested other hybrid mattresses from other big brands like Cocoon by Sealy and the Helix Midnight Elite mattress, we needed to know more about this new collab between Purple and Mattress Firm.

Keep reading for our full review of the Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattressand all of the product details you should know before you invest in a new mattress.

What is the Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress?

The Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress and the rest of the new Purple line at Mattress Firm include Purples signature GelFlex Grid that offers softness and support while helping to dissipate excess body heat. They also include dynamic CoolFlex Coils that deliver pressure relief and all-over support. The new mattress line also includes additional temperature regulating technology like a Cool Touch Cover with cooling fibers, so the mattress helps you keep cool from surface to core.

The Purple Restore Cool Touch line is available in three different models: The Purple Restore Cool Touch, Purple RestorePlus Cool Touch and Purple ResorePremier Cool Touch. We tested the most affordable option, the Purple Restore Cool Touch to let you know how it really performs. Its a medium-comfort, 11-1/2-inch hybrid mattress that arrives conveniently at your doorstep in a box.


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We Tried It

Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress

A new, medium-firm hybrid mattress with advanced cooling technology

Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress Product Features

Close up of mattress

The Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress has five layers: The antimicrobial Cool Touch Cover on top, then the two-inch GelFlex Grid, support foam, comfort foam and eight inches of responsive CoolFlex Coils at the bottom. The combination of foam and coils make it a true hybrid mattress.

The Restore Hybrid Collection offers Purples coolest mattresses to date in an incredibly wide range of mattress sizes. The mattresses are also designed to pair with an adjustable base, but we tested our Purple Restore Hybrid on a standard metal bed frame.

The mattress is best suited for those looking for temperature regulation, pressure relief, motion separation and support. Pressure relief offered by the GelFlex Grid can alleviate stiffness, aches and pains by distributing pressure across the entire mattress. Motion separation helps to relieve additional pressure on your shoulders, hips and back while reducing the movement you feel as your partner moves in the night.

How We Tested It

 Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress packed up and on floor

Just as I (and other Family Handyman staffers) have done with previous mattress testing, I had the Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress delivered to my own home, set it up myself and slept on it every night for over a month to tell you what its really like. As great as mattress stores are for feeling a bed in person, its hard to tell how a mattress will truly perform with just five to ten minutes of touch.

Delivery and Setup

The Purple Restore Mattress arrived at my door via two delivery personnel. I scheduled the delivery in advance, as I had to be home to receive the delivery. And while Mattress Firm advertises the mattress as a boxed mattress, it did arrive rolled in a plastic sleeve, which the delivery people kindly took to my bedroom, so I didnt have to lift or carry it. (A plus since the mattresss shipping weight is 148 pounds.) I did test the mattress in a King size, so perhaps thats why it arrived in a long, rolled form. Nonetheless, it was compressed and compact, which made rearranging the room and putting in a new bedframe a breeze, as the mattress sat conveniently out of the way until I was ready to unroll it.

Now, for the unrolling. The Purple Restore Cool Touch Mattress arrived in a thick, airtight seal and protective plastic. I unzipped the plastic bag and removed the rolled mattress, then it took quite a bit of cutting to get all the plastic off the mattress so it could unroll and inflate. I also had to take extra caution not to cut the mattress as I inched through the plastic casing. After about 15 minutes of cutting through plastic, the mattress was finally free and unrolled automatically onto the frame.

While it was difficult for me to locate instructions regarding how long to let the mattress inflate, I did chat with a representative at Purple to learn that it only takes a few hours for the mattress to expand after opening. However, it can take an additional day or two for the mattress to fully take its shape. Thankfully, its okay to sleep on after just a few hours (I waited about four hours), even if its still expanding for a few days after opening.

Testing the Mattress

It was about midnight when I finally laid down to experience the Purple Restore Mattress. (Yes, I foolishly unwrapped the mattress late in the evening after storing away my other mattress.) The King size mattress has standard dimensions of 80 by 76 inches and a height of 11-1/2 inches, so its plenty roomy for my partner and me to share without rolling into each other throughout the night.

A bed with a mattress on top of it.

I did notice that the surface of the mattress was cool to the touch, almost like a moisture-wicking athletic tee, but softer. The top layer also gave way quite a bit as I touched and sat on the mattress, providing a cushioned feel. While I prefer a softer, sunken-in feel when it comes to mattresses, my partner prefers a firmer mattress. After a few nights with the Purple Restore, we both decided that we found the mattress to be very comfortable. So, like most hybrid mattresses, its a good in-between for people who like a mattress that has plenty of cushion on top and firm support on bottom. Its also great for people who arent sure what they like or for sleeping partners who prefer different firmness levels in a mattress.

After having slept on the mattress for over a month, I am impressed with how my sleep has improved. Yes, my partner and I have more room (we upgraded from a Queen mattress to a King), but I also find myself tossing and turning less in the night and falling asleep faster when I lay down. And while it has only been a month of using the mattress, it has maintained its original shape thus far. Ill be checking in around six months to let you know how it holds up.


  • Advanced cooling technology from cover to core
  • Hybrid form provides cushioned comfort of foam layers with support of coils
  • Mattress arrives compressed, making it easier to deliver and move
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial materials
  • Adjustable base
  • Medium comfort level
  • Mattress Firm offers a 120-night sleep trial
  • Free delivery with Mattress Firm
  • Mattress Firm offers setup and haul away services at additional price
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • Mattress may be too heavy to move alone
  • May not be firm enough for extra-large individuals


What is the lifespan of a Purple mattress?

According to the brand, the foam used in their mattresses has a lifespan of about 10 years. Its standard practice to replace your mattress every 7-10 years, which Purple recommends doing. They also offer a 10-year limited warranty.

Do Purple mattresses sink over time?

Your Purple mattress should not sink over time. As long as you use your mattress as intended (for nightly sleep), there shouldnt be any sagging. If you notice sagging in your Purple mattress, you should reach out to customer support.

Product Comparison

A bed with a mattress on top of it.

As mentioned, the new Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress series includes three models. The most affordable option is the one we tested, the Purple Restore. It has a height of 11-1/2 inches. The other two models, the Purple RestorePlus and the Purple RestorePremier are 13 inches tall.

The RestorePlus and RestorePremier also have an additional edge support system to further prevent sinking and sagging. While there arent many differences between the RestorePlus and RestorePremier, Purple says the RestorePremier has the most advanced cooling and comfort technology for extra-hot sleepers.

Final Verdict

If youre in the market for a cooling hybrid mattress of medium firmness, the Purple Restore Cool Touch Mattress is one of my favorite hybrid mattresses Ive slept on. Its ideal for sleepers who need temperature regulation and for those who sleep on their sides or find themselves moving frequently throughout the night.

I also like that its compatible with an adjustable base, so if I decided to upgrade my bedframe to an adjustable base, I can continue to use the mattress. If youre someone who reads or watches TV frequently in bed or suffers from sleep apnea, then an adjustable base may be for you.

Where to Buy the Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress


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We Tried It

Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress

A cooling hybrid mattress with five layers of comfort and support

The Purple Restore Cool Touch Hybrid Mattress retails at Mattress Firm between $2,245 and $3,295, depending on the size. The RestorePlus retails between $2,845 and $3,895, and the RestorePremier retails between $3,445 and $4,595. You can also shop the Restore Hybrid Collection directly at Purple for additional mattress sizes and savings, but you may sacrifice certain delivery and setup services available through Mattress Firm.