How To Install a Mexican Tile Backsplash

Lay out the design and prep the wall

  • Lay out your tile design on a countertop or table, arranged as you intend to install it. Be sure to account for the spaces between the tiles, and where the grout will go. For ease, we put ours on the countertop, in line with where we were planning to install it.
  • Check your measurements.
  • Make sure your backsplash wall is intact, secured and relatively smooth.
  • Remove any dirt or grease.
  • Measure the anticipated finish height of the top row of tile and make a level line across the installation area.
    • Pro tip: Making a second line that’s 1/4-inch higher than the finish line will make life easier. That line will remain exposed above the adhesive to act as a guideline for where the top edge will finish.

Layout design and prep the wall

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