7th Avenue Sectional is a Dupe of RH Cloud Couch for Less

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The living room is quite possibly my favorite room in the house. I spend most of my time there when home and, seeing that I have an open-concept space, I love how this one room complements the rest of the house. It’s where my family gathers and where friends congregate. That said, living room furniture should be comfortable and durable for lounging and entertaining.

After four years, one toddler and one dog, my low-quality sectional sofa had seen better days. It was time to upgrade to a chicer, more resilient couch to elevate myliving space. Cloud couches (and Cloud comforters) have become quite popular over the years, and rightly so. Plush cushions add comfort while sleek designs heighten the aesthetic appeal.

But was it possible to get a cloud couch dupe for less that was just as cozy but for half the price? The answer to that question is a resounding yes, thanks to the 7th Avenue sectional.

What is the 7th Avenue modular sectional?

7th Avenue 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional

The 7th Avenue sectional is “the world’s greatest modular sofa” according to the website. It’s a Cloud couch dupe with down alternative cushions, large pillows and deep seats. The modular sectionals range from three-seat to nine-seat styles with options for a corner sectional, chaise lounge, ottoman, and U- or L-shaped design.

7th Avenue is known for having great modular sofas, loveseats, sectionals and more, so I knew the four-seat modular chaise sectional with an ottoman in extra deep would be a quality option on my Cloud couch journeyand it would even give Restoration Hardware’s Cloud couch a run for its money.

Each modular sectional comes in six colors: pure white, natural white, heather gray, charcoal black, oatmeal beige and limited-edition graphite grey. Sizes range from 94 by 69 by 24 inches for a three-seater in small spaces to 208 by 124 by 24 inches for a nine-seater in larger homes.


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We Tried It

7th Avenue Modular Sectional

7th Avenue modular sectionals offer versatile seating arrangements for maximum comfort and style.

7th Avenue Sectional Features

7th Avenue 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional

These modular sectionals tout themselves as function meets luxury. And after lounging on one for a few months, I can say that statement is evident in their product features. The stain-resistant cushion covers have a durable, water-repellent coating technology similar to what you might find on a raincoat. Each fully removable cover is also machine washable, OEKO-TEX certified and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) free. Furthermore, memory foam cushions are stacked on top of a solid hardwood frame and reinforced steel legs for the utmost durability. The best part? Rearrange the modular design and add new seats as your family grows.

How We Tested It

Although there are six different fabric colors, I went with a light tone that complemented the cedar wood accents in my home. Against my husbands wishes, I chose the best-selling natural white with performance texture weave fabric. Did I mention I have a toddler and a dog? However, I was confident in the warm, off-white color because the PFAS-free coating temporarily repels liquids and stains.


7th Avenue 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional

I put the fabric to the test when it arrived on my doorstep about four weeks after purchasing. Because of the modular design, the sectional came in 17 (yes, 17!)different boxes that my husband and I assembledwith some help from the 7th Avenue YouTube channelwhile our daughter napped. We screwed in legs, zipped up cushions and connected the modular bases. Although the amount of boxes seemed quite daunting initially, the assembly process was fairly straightforward. However, 7th Avenue does offer assembly service for a small fee.

Spot Cleaning

7th Avenue 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional

The sofa has been the subject of dirty paw prints by my 45-pound mutt and spilled juice and cookie-crumb fingers by my 2-year-old daughter. But cleaning the couch is a breeze. Liquids bead on the surface of the water-repellant-coated fabric instead of penetrating into the cushion, and stains wipe off easily with water and soap. Did you know you can also clean a couch with baking soda?

Machine Cleaning

Since receiving my sectional, I’ve removed the covers from the cushions, backs and the included throw pillows and washed them in my machine mainly toget rid of dog smells. Removable covers are convenient to clean and swap out to a different fabric color in the future without buying an entirely new sectional.

I washed them on a delicate cycle, let them air dry and returned them to the sectional with ease. The washer eliminated any noticeablepet stains. My old sofa cushions had polyester fiberfill, which was a total headache. Every time I needed to machine wash the covers, I dealt with fluff balls all over my living room. And good luck trying to get all that stuffing back inside a cushion. With my 7th Avenue sectional, I don’t have to worry about any of that. The hypoallergenic down-alternative cushions maintain their shape without fluffing while still providing sunk-in comfort.

Size and Firmness

7th Avenue 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional

Initially, I wanted to go with a five-seater 7th Avenue sectional, but I simply didn’t have the space for a couch that size. But I have no regrets about the four-seat model, as each seat cushion is quite large, measuring 38 inches wide. The extra-deep option provides 47 inches of depth compared to the 39 inches in the classic style. Although my old sofa was also a four-seater, this 7th Avenue version is much deeper and the chaise is much longer, which is ideal for my 6-foot-5-inch husband. Plus, the low-back height instantly lulls you into a relaxed state.

Each 7th Avenue sectional cushion combines down alternative, memory foam and high-resiliency foam. Adjust the firmness of the back cushions by opting for medium-soft or medium-firm. 7th Avenue will also send complimentary fill packets to adjust the firmness even more. I went with medium-firm cushions and haven’t needed to fill them yet, as the down alternative keeps the cushions fluffed.


  • Configurable, modular design
  • Extra-deep options
  • Three- to nine-seat arrangements available
  • Water repellent
  • Stain resistant
  • Adjustable back cushion firmness
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free down-alternative cushions
  • OEKO-TEX-certified fabric
  • Hardwood frame
  • Reinforced steel legs
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Only six color options
  • Assembly required


How do you clean a 7th Avenue couch?

You can spot clean a 7th Avenue couch with a wet paper towel and water. You can also use a mild cleaning agent or Clorox wipes to remove light scuffs and dirt. For deeper stains, remove the cushion covers, machine wash on the delicate cycle and air dry.

Does 7th Avenue do financing?

Yes, 7th Avenue offers 12-, 24- and 36-month financing options through Klarna, Shop Pay and Affirm.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Verified buyer, Leslie S., writes, “I was so afraid to order this couch like I was going to get Instagram influenced and it was going to be an expensive fail. But the quality is unmatched. Worth the price and it is super comfortable! We have an 18-month-old and a huskymud, blackberries, milk, peanut butter, etc., has been spilled on this couch from sticky fingers and muddy paws. I just use a damp cloth and it comes right off. Just get the couch; it really is worth it.”

“The 7th Avenue modular sofa was the best decision we made for our new home,” writes verified buyer, Sinji K. “From purchasing to delivery, the customer service was impeccable. We got natural white extra deep and were loving it every moment. I already washed the cover once and it still looks amazing.”

Product Comparison

The most obvious comparison of this modular sectional is Restoration Hardware’s Cloud couch. Both have fully removable covers and use performance fabrics, but RH offers more than 100 fabric colors. Some, not all, of the RH fabrics are machine washable. Although the RH couch cushions use lightweight down feathers, the down-alternative 7th Avenue cushions are hypoallergenic, easier to clean and require less fluffing. Additionally, the 7th Avenue sectional is also about half the price of the RH Cloud modular sectional in the same configuration.

Final Verdict

7th Avenue 4-Seat Modular Chaise Sectional

I would certainly recommend this 7th Avenue sectional for a family that likes to gather in the living room and get cozy together reading books orbingeing their favorite show. Plus, it has more than enough room for me, my husband, our toddler and our dog.

Where to Buy the 7th Avenue Modular Sectional


Shop on 7th Avenue

We Tried It

7th Avenue Modular Sectional

The 7th Avenue sectional is a water-repellent, stain-resistant modular sofa and Cloud couch dupe for less.

Shop the 7th Avenue sectional directly from the brand’s website where prices range from $2,950 to $10,400. Choose the best fabric, depth, firmness and configuration that suits your space. We promise you’ll feel like you’re lounging on a cloud.

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