Our Hills Are Turning “Golden”

The wild grass in this area starts to turn from green to golden each year in May. It doesn’t seem to matter how wet the year has been or if we get late rain, like we did last Saturday. This week it has started to be really noticeable on my outings.

On Tuesday my group did a jaunt down the Coyote Creek trail then returned to Bailey ave Malech road, and had a nice lunch at the golf course. I took my e-bike so this was an easier day for me.

Yesterday I did a longer outing on my recumbent, to the northwest of Morgan Hill to South San Jose. I rode for a bit under four hours, and did some intervals and sprints on the way back. This was definitely a harder day, but enjoyable.

Our Hills Are Turning “Golden”
Heading North on Santa Teresa Blvd, dropping down into South San Jose. The hills near Santa Teresa park are turning.

Our Hills Are Turning “Golden”
Heading home on Santa Teresa Blvd, approaching Morgan Hill. These hills were a vibrant green a week ago.

Tuesday’s ride is posted here, Yesterday’s ride here.

By: BionicOldGuy
Title: Our Hills Are Turning “Golden”
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