Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

Everyone in the whole world dreams of going to Disney one day. Either it’s their dream vacation or it’s something on their bucket list along with going to Niagara Falls or seeing a kangroo. Regardless of where it is on their travel priority list, the name Disney is universal and brings out the same emotions in everyone: happiness, nostalgia, and a bit of magic. Even to the Scrooges out there, it seems to put a flashing smile on their faces when they hear of this place. But it’s a big place with many activities, that’s why I have listed the best things to do in Magic Kingdom, Florida.

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When you talk about Disney, the first place that really pops up in your mind is Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  Yes, Disney has many parks that are part of it, but this one simply is the one we know most and draws the most attention from all ages.

Magic Kingdom is huge! I was there over twenty years ago and didn’t remember the immensity of the place. Needless to say, when I returned this year with my kids I realized you need at least two days here.

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But, we bought the four-day passes for four parks, without knowing this important fact, and now realize how badly we need to return to see it all.

In the meantime, we made the best of it.

Best Things To Do At Magic Kingdom Florida

Not everyone has a chance to see this park in its entirety, so here are a few things that are of most importance to check out and can be done in one day:

1. Cinderella Castle

This is kind of a no-brainer. And I’m not even talking about going inside. But just hanging around and enjoying the different shows that go on throughout the day. But most importantly – STAY UNTIL THE END – the light show that comes on right after the fireworks, will blow your mind.

Hint – I don’t know why, but the park seems to start clearing out around 7 pm, and you get a front row for the fireworks, the Castle Light show, and the Electric Parade – all of which are a HUGE MUST to stay for!

2. Daytime Parades

During the day there are plenty of different parades in all areas of the park. Personally, I recommend seeing at least one.

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3. Shows

The Cinderella Castle stages most of the shows, which are on and off all day long. There is a schedule you can check out. Again, as with parades, day time show is really enough.

Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

There are smaller shows all over the park in the different sections, which will be fun to catch if in the area or arrange your time to go to that place and also catch a show.

4. Fireworks

This is a must. Disney has got to give the best fireworks show in the world. It’s like the 4th of July Macy’s Fireworks show EACH and EVERY night! Check it out.

magic kingdom fireworks fastpass

5. Light Show

This show starts right after the Fireworks and the Cinderella Castle is used as the screen. It’s unbelievable! You can’t even describe it unless you see it for yourself.

Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

6. The Electric Parade

Another signature parade of Disney. It’s the very last event of the day and is a must-see. The floats are so illuminated with lights and lasers you’ll forever remember these immense images.

Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

7. Character greetings

What, no Mickey? For sure! And Minnie and Princesses, and tons more. Find out where they are greeting. It’s all over the park and at different hours.

Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

8. Eating

Disney has tons of food places. Either restaurant, fancy shin digs, or totally off the wall. Whatever your choice, even if you need to eat gluten free at Disney, it will be yummy.

Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

9. The Rides

Fast Pass – another no-brainer. You can’t forget the most fun part, right? However, not many people seem to have caught on to the best perk of Disney parks – the Fast Pass.

Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

This service is not for all rides, but judging by the ones they chose, it’s definitely the most popular one.

Magic Kingdom, Florida: Top 9 Things to Do

Here’s how the fast pass works:

  • Look at your map to see which rides offer the fast pass.
  • Choose the one you want to start with.
  • Have someone from your party run with all the entrance tickets to the distribution area.
  • Once you get your first fast pass, you’ll see what time you can go for another one. It averages out every two hours. 
  • When you get the fast pass, they will tell you the hour you can come on that particular ride.
  • When your time is here, skip the hoards and hoards of people and walk right in and head for the ride!
  • It’s the best invention since sliced bread for Disney.

Now go have a blast!

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Magic Kingdom Florida – Things To Do at Disney World

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