Lancaster County Home to All You Can Eat Restaurants

Not sure why the trend in Lancaster County is all-you-can-eat style restaurants from huge buffets to family-style meals, but I’ll take it. Secretly, I am a huge buffet fan. My husband, on the other hand, is into the a la carte styled menus. But since he couldn’t join us on this family trip, I had the chance to enjoy the restaurants I chose. So I visited two Lancaster buffets restaurants with all you can eat style and here is my take on it

All You Can Eat Buffet Lancaster PA

Different Styles to Choose From

With only four days in the area, there are only so many restaurants one can visit. But they are not all the typical style buffets. Lancaster or Amish County is also known for family-style restaurants. What is family style? That’s when you sit with other people at the same table enjoying a home-cooked country meal. Typically, family-style times begin with lunch and dinner. Buffet-styled restaurants are also very common in the area, and they are usually open from breakfast to dinner. One of the buffet-styled restaurants we found while visiting Ronks, PA was Millers Smorgasbord. I’m usually pulled to restaurants with interesting backgrounds and this one sounded right up my alley.
Millers Restaurant Lancaster Country PA

Millers Smorgasbord

Back in 1929, Anna Miller served chicken & waffles to truckers as her husband repaired their rigs.
Entrance to the millers Restaurant Lancaster Country PA
They pride themselves on preparing everything from scratch and getting their ingredients from local farms.
Dinner Buffet Millers Restaurant Lancaster Country PA

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Plain & Fancy

Plain & Fancy is known as the original Amish Farm Feast-styled restaurant, by the same owners as Millers Smorgasbord but they are family-style sit down meals.
Family Style dining Plain and Fancy Restaurant Lancaster PA
Chicken Pot Pie – we got to taste some of the most traditional Amish food such as chicken pot pie, which is more of a stewy soup like mixture than the regular pie form.
Amish Style Chicken Pot Pie Plain and Fancy Restaurant Lancaster PA
Golden Buttered Noodles – I have never heard of this before, but it was so good. It seems they are noodles that are fried in butter and sugar. I don’t fully know, but they were absolutely delicious.
Golden Butter Fried Noodles plain and Fancy Restaurant Lancaster PA
Fried Chicken – what’s a country meal without the good ole fried chicken. Another one of my absolute favorites with tons of mashed potatoes and corn.
Home Style Fried Chicken Plain and Fancy Restaurant Lancaster PA

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Interesting Facts About Plain & Fancy

  • Amos, Ben, Manny, and Elmer are the restaurant’s Amish neighbors who supply them with fresh: sweet corn, tomatoes, watermelon, cabbage, broccoli, squash, peppers, and onions.

  • Their family has helped Plain & Fancy for over 50 years.

Information for Visiting Millers Smorgasbord 

Phone: 1-800-669-3568

Address: 2811 Lincoln Highway East (Route 30) Ronks PA 17572

Prices: from $7 to $20

Information for Visiting Plain & Fancy

Address: 3121 Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340) Bird-in-Hand PA 17505

Phone: 1-800-669-3568

Hours: Lunch starts at 11:30

Price: $20 average

Lancaster County Home of All You Can Eat Restaurants

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