This cordless Worx snow blower is a model that makes it easy to remove the snow.

Snow blower blowing out fresh snow

Picture this: The first snowfall, and you’re ready with puffy coats, sleds, skis and, of course, the notorious snow shovels. Cue the sad horn, because what initially seems like a manageable task turns into an icy odyssey. After 45 minutes of battling snow that has somehow transformed from light and fluffy to leaden, your hands and feet are frozen and your back is staging a revolt. The struggle is real, my friends.

But wait, there’s a hero in this snowy tale: the Worx Nitro cordless snow blower. Bid farewell to the drama of freezing extremities and drenched clothing. This cordless wonder is here to turn your snow-clearing woes into a whimsical adventure. Why trust me? Well, I tested it for myself after a recent snowfall.

What is the Worx Nitro snow blower?

The Worx Nitro snow blower is a single-stagesnow blower, meaning that it uses only an auger that touches the ground to remove the snow. In a two-stage blower, an impeller adds the second stage to “throw” the snow. Single stage throwers are suitable for fairly level areas, paved surfaces (and possibly dirt surfaces), light to moderately wet snow and snow depths under about 10 inches.

All of the parts, minus the handle, are made of plastic, which at first take might seem impractical, but the use of plastic is the standard for single-stage cordless snow blowers. Plus, this machine allows for replacement of the auger and scraper.


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We Tried It

Worx Nitro Cordless Snow Blower

This Worx snow blower has a folding handle, making it easy to store away in between snowstorms.

Worx Nitro Snow Blower Features

Two batteries plugged in a charger

The Worx snow blower uses two 20-volt lithium-ion batteries in serial to give it 40 volts. It has a wide clearing width of 20 inches and can take in snow up to a depth of 10 inches. It boasts 8-inch wheels to help you move through the snow, which can be thrown up to 20 feet. The total weight, minus the batteries, is 35.7 pounds, making it a lightweight option to lift in and out of a vehicle hatchback or pickup bed.

The chute must be vertically rotated at the chute, but the chute rotation can be done at the chute or at the handle. As with any lithium-ion battery, there is an operating range for the battery and it’s advisable to charge the battery indoors or in a heated garage. Otherwise, the batteries may not charge, or even operate, due to being too cold.

How We Tested It

Two batteries charging and Snow blower blowing out snow

The Worx cordless snow blower was put through a regimen of tests designed just for cordless snow blowers. Testing included battery charge time, battery run time, assembly, maneuverability and, of course, lots of snow blowing. I tested the machine on several surfaces, and I paid extra-close attention to its clearing ability and ability to throw different types of snow.

The machine was shipped to my doorstep and, better yet, no tools were required to put it together. This best cordless snow blower has a folding handle, making it easy to stow away in between uses and during the off-season. Charging the batteries upon arrival took almost two hours, but that and the small amount of assembly was all that was needed to be up and running.

The batteries have five light-emitting diode (LED) lights on them to indicate the charge level. The button that needs to be pressed to check the level is accessible while the batteries are in the device. It’s small enough to take on pathways, decks and patios, and big enough to tackle fairly large driveways. I first set out to clear about 5 inches of fluffy snow on a relatively flat, concrete driveway. The blower had no problem clearing the snow though the 4-ampere-hour (Ah) batteries were just barely able to last the 30 minutes that it took me to clear.


  • Cordless
  • Durable construction
  • Throws snow up to 20 feet
  • Clears smaller properties quickly
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Reasonably priced
  • Batteries and charger included
  • Replaceable parts available
  • Compatible with all Worx 20- and 40-volt tools


  • Not ideal for large areas
  • Clearing width is a little wider than its capabilities


Snow Blower covered in snow

What is the difference between a snow blower and a snow thrower?

Snow throwers are best suited when the snow in your driveway is light and not very dense. That’s because they’re smaller and less powerful than a snow blower. The chute typically is shorter and closer to the ground on a snow thrower and, oftentimes, they’re not self-propelled.

Are cordless snow blowers as good as gas?

There are pros and cons to both types, but battery-operated snow blowers are getting better and better these days. They even offer capabilities that gas versions can’t. Chief among them is that cordless snow blowers need neither gasoline nor oil, not to mention engine maintenance.

Can a snowblower go through hard snow?

Single-stage snow blowers are for 6 to 12 inches of light snow; two-stage snow blowers do well with up to 2 feet of moderate to heavy snow; and three-stage snow blowers are best for heavy snow, ice and slush up to 2 feet deep.

What Other Reviewers Had to Say

Real-life buyers are raving about the Worx Nitro. Here’s what they’re saying in their snow blower reviews:

Verified purchaser, A. Toepel, says, “Ive been waiting about a month now for some real snow to put this little guy to the test and, today, we finally got
some. Its about two inches of the wet, slushy stuff. The stuff that doesnt look that bad, but its so heavy that your back starts aching about 10 minutes into shoveling. The snow blower worked great!”

“I had confidence in the product, but questioned whether it could handle heavy snow,” writes Kelly O., a five-star reviewer. “The first time I used it was yesterday because we got 6 inches of snow. I was absolutely amazed how easy it chewed through the snow. Its light and you have to push it yourself but it wasnt hard at all! It has snowed for two days straight and this battery-operated Worx snow blower is an absolute champ!”

“I bought this last year after a big snowfall, but never got the chance to use it till a couple days agothe usual story,” shares another five-star reviewer, Brian. “We’re getting an inch of snow per hour right now, and all day I’ve been clearing the driveway in two-hour cycles to charge the batteries. It takes me 15 to 20 minutes to effortlessly do what would have already been my demise by shovel! It isn’t SUPER powerful, but plenty powerful enough even to handle the wet snow we’ve gotten today.”

Final Verdict

A man driveway blowing out snow from the driveway

Enter the age of cordless magic! Traditionally gas-powered beasts are now tamed and transformed into sleek, cordless warriors. The Worx Nitro makes snow removal not just practical, but downright enjoyable. Whether you have a petite property or a moderately sized kingdom, this snow blower is your trusty sidekick.

Where to Buy the Worx Nitro Snow Blower


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We Tried It

Worx Nitro Snow Blower

Forget the limiting cordthe Worx Nitro lets you freely move about your yard during snow removal.

The Worx Nitro cordless snow blower is available on Amazon, the brand’s website and Walmart for around $400. You’ll be removing snow from your driveway and yard like a pro in no time.

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