How to Fix a Wavy Toilet

Have you ever had a toilet in your home you dreaded sitting on because of the annoying wobble? Well, its time to finally fix it. The wobble can cause additional issues if left unaddressed.

Several things could cause a toilet to wobble loose bolts, an uneven or rotting floor, or a damaged toilet flange. Some people assume they need to replace the toilet, when it usually requires a quick fix any DIYer can handle.

The toilet I worked on wobbled because of loose bolts. All I did was remove the plastic caps, grab a wrench and gently tighten the nuts on the bolts. This is pretty common. Over time, the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor come loose .

When to call a pro

If you can’t get your toilet to stop wobbling after following these steps, or discover more difficult plumbing issues you don’t feel comfortable DIY-ing say, spongy flooring or a leaky toilet flange contact a professional plumber or general contractor.

Tighten the toilet bolts

This should be first thing to try. Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a putty knife and pry off the plastic caps that cover the two bolts at the base of the toilet.
  • Check if the bolts are loose. If so, tighten them evenly with a wrench. Be careful not to over-tighten them, which can crack the toilet.
  • If this eliminates the wobble, replace the plastic caps and carry on. Keep an eye out for any water leaking from the toilet base after a dozen flushes or so. If you do have a leaking toilet, check the wax ring and flange.

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